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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Houston, TX

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Houston, TX

Restructure your debt and find immediate debt relief by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Houston, TX. The upfront fees are lower than a chapter 7 case allowing for immediate debt relief and the restructuring of your debts.  With this form of bankruptcy, debts can be consolidated into one monthly payment and submitted to a Chapter 13 trustee. If you have a consistent source of income, but you're behind on house or car payments, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be ideal for you.

Once the petition is filed, you are protected by the “automatic stay”. Creditors will be forced to cease all collection activities, including:

• Repossession

• Foreclosure

• Collection Letters

• Collection Calls

• Previous Judgments

If reorganizing debt sounds like a solution that could help you, reach out to our firm in Houston, TX, for a free consultation. We can help you keep your assets and get you a fresh start.


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