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Debt Lawsuits in Houston, TX

Overcoming Debt Lawsuits in Houston, TX

Allow Gilpin Law Firm, PLLC to handle your debt lawsuits in Houston, TX. We understand how intimidating and stressful it can be to have to deal with the legal system after being sued for unpaid credit cards or medical debts. And the small window of time for filing a written response does not make things any easier, as you risk having a default judgment entered against you. Fight back against debt lawsuits by relying on our experienced law firm.

However, Gilpin Law Firm, PLLC can help you understand your options and handle the complexities of the lawsuit for you. With our knowledge and experience at your disposal, we can provide creditor negotiation services and obtain a more reasonable settlement. We can also navigate the laws that govern how and when creditors may collect a debt, along with the procedures and requirements with which they must comply.

Our debt attorney will discuss possible outcomes with you, handle all the documentation, and face confrontational creditors for you. Typical results for settlement include a reduced lump sum, payment plans, or a creditor's refusal to negotiate at all. Everyone's case varies, so we cannot predict any specific outcome. We will fight aggressively for your rights and ensure you can work out your debt.

The Lawsuit Process

Choose Gilpin Law Firm, PLLC for debt law services in Houston, TX. A lawsuit settlement is an agreement between the Plaintiff (the creditor) and the Defendant (the indebted consumer) that resolves the amounts allegedly due to the Plaintiff. The Defendant agrees to make payments (for example, a partial payment anywhere from 30-80% of the full amount owed) and asks that the remaining amount is forgiven.

With debt lawsuits, once both parties agree on a settlement amount and repayment terms, the Defendant will submit agreed upon payment(s) within a specified timeframe. The timely submission of payments is essential to fulfilling the agreement. Once payment of the agreed upon amount has been satisfied, the Defendant's obligation to the Plaintiff is no more. Beware: not paying timely or otherwise fulfilling the settlement agreement terms increases the likelihood that the Plaintiff (creditor) will request that a judgment is entered against you for the full amount owed. In some cases, the Plaintiff may seek more than the original amount due.

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed. A lawyer cannot guarantee results.